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About Us

Archcom has been established as a communication platform between individual Architects, architects firms, and interested individuals to provide them with the opportunity to display their projects, research, opinions, as well as experiences. Archom offers the chance to those who have projects to share with other participants as a kind of competitions or individual projects in order to receive the best results.

What we provide for architects
Architect profiles
Archcom has been established as a platform to professionally present architects and their outputs in specific webpages with the following features:
- Easy access via architect-identified links
- Showcase for projects of specialized architectural
- Features that make it easy to reach them
- Showcase of architecture-related articles
- Full control of content by architects
Architects community
Archcom has been established as a communication platform among architects of the following features:
- Demonstrate the frequently viewed architectural works
- Follow the favourite architects and receive updates about their latest activities
- Exchange experiences and opinions on projects
Architecture workspace
Archcom has been established as an architectural work platform for architects, as well as project entrepreneurs. It is a gateway to take part in/offer architectural projects, such as contests, individual projects and job opportunities.