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Refund Policy

Financial Box

• Members of the site may request the withdrawal of the available amount in his/her financial box at any time, within the available withdrawn methods in Archcom which are described in the financial fund.

• Members may withdraw any available value from their fund, which is not less than (the minimum amount that can be withdrawn), in the financial box.

• Members may add any amount to their own financial fund which is not less than (the minimum amount that can be withdrawn) as it is set out in the financial box.


The cases in which the applications for money refunds are accepted as prizes or value of services paid to the site.

• service failure caused by Site failure.

• If there is no subscription to the offered service.

• all posts submitted by the service do not match the requirements When.

In these cases, please contact us at and use the subject "Refund" with an explanation of the situation and the link of the service within a period of maximum 8 days of the problem, the site support team will review and evaluate the submitted complaint and solve the problem. Or determine the value to be returned to the financial fund of the complainant.