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500 $

Skyland Office interior design

Main Category :

  • Interior Design

Project Area: 

  • 2
  • 149 m2

Project Type :

  • Commercial
  • Turkey
  • Istanbul
Starting Date: 2017-11-19
Closing Date: 2017-12-25
Result Date: 2018-01-10
645 21
Main Prize$ 350
Second Prize $ 100
Third Prize$ 50
After Competition May Be Signing Contract With Winner
Extending Submission Period


Office Design for real estate consultancy in Istanbul Turkey , Extra Property


The Goal is to design an office in a very Luxuries Business Center of Maslak area in Istanbul Turkey, the Office is 135 M2 Gross area with 76.13 M2 Net area, it is delivered shall and core.
Modern Simple Style is preferred. And the company identity should be reflected in the design. Please see ;

the main requirement are ;

  •  A General Manager office with a Meeting room, not separated, one space for the G.M. room and a meeting table for 6 people OR 2 seperated rooms ; a meeting room and a GM. room.
  • a corner small kitchen.
  • 3 work space for the Marketing department(2 employees) and the accountancy( if we can create privacy to the accountant it will be better as well as the Marketing team)
  • a Work space for as much as employee we can fit (sales team up to 15 employees), one long disk is fine or round tables ..act..
  • a receptionist disk and waiting space.

Requested Plans

Interior design full plan
Perspectives (At least one for each vacuum)
Plans (floor, celling, furniture, lighting)
Wall elevations and sections
Arch detail

Project Files


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