New Supreme Court - CAZA

New Supreme Court

CAZA’s new Supreme Court for the Philippines is a symbol of judicial transparency for Asia’s oldest democracy. The building is a 3-dimensional hyperbolic loop hanging over a botanical garden whose form represents the complex functional interconnections required by contemporary courthouses.

Courtesy of CAZA

Composed of six rectangular volumes engineered to create one integrated seamless work environment for the delivery of judicial services, the open architectural form created also enables the building to sustain a collection of locally-themed gardens through rainwater-harvesting terraces.

Courtesy of CAZA

The building stands as a monument to multiplicity – a totem of connectivity that connects with the tradition of tribal architecture in the Philippines while employing new technologies that envision a more optimistic way of living on our planet.

Courtesy of CAZA

Project Info
Architects: CAZA
Location: Manila, Philippines
Client: Supreme court of the Philippines
Consultants: ARUP, NSI Architecture Planner Consultancy, Landstyle
Type: Administrative Center

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