Hanhai - Out of Valley


The project of Hanhai • Out of Valley is located in the upmost residential district of Northwest Zhengzhou. The design incorporates the new concept of shopping space, combining the shopping mall with lifestyle retail space. The shopping mall is located on the west while the lifestyle retail on the east. The mall has six stories, including programs of retail, food & beverage, entertainment, culture, etc.

Courtesy of AmphibianArc

The layout achieves good visibility for both the shopping mall and the lifestyle retail. The mall has superior visibility from the street frontage even with the setback, forming a landmark building. The central plaza, especially its entertainment elements, will attract a high flow of customers, ideal for family activities and large event.

Courtesy of AmphibianArc

There are bridges to connect all second-level spaces of the lifestyle retail. The landscaping turns the second level into a new ground floor, supporting the business at the third and fourth levels. Multiple terraces of different heights, roof garden, and central plaza form a large integrated green space, creating an ecological urban space for the citizens.

Courtesy of AmphibianArc

Project Info
Architects: AmphibianArc
Location: Henan, China
Size: 175,000sqm
Year: 2015
Type: Retail


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