A Million Times l Humans Since 1982

This mesmerizing instillation, titled A Million Times, has been created by the firm Humans Since 1982 and engineered by David Cox. It is based on their original works consisting of powder coated, white clocks with black hands.

Arch2o-humans since 1982- a million times-05

Courtesy of  Humans since


This work is comprised of 288 individually working aluminum clocks which are run off of specialized software and controlled via iPad. The hands move both independently and collectively, creating patterns as well as stylized images and texts. A Million Times was on display at the Design Days Dubai from 18-21 March 2013.

Arch2o-humans since 1982- a million times-03

Courtesy of  Humans since

“The ‘A million times’ is a graphically conceptual, mechanical and engineered based design project.”


project info:

Title: A million times
Year: 2013
Dimension: 344cm x 180cm x 5cm
Number of single clocks: 288
Material: aluminium + electric components
Electricity: standard 100-240V, 50-60Hz socket
Operation system: customized software to be controlled via iPad
Finish: powder coated white + black hands, screen printed dials
Engineering: David Cox
Edition: prototype
Photo credits: Tim Meier



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